2021 Course Cancellation

An update from the team

Dear Parents, Guardians and attendees of Malvern College Summer School 2021,

It is with much regret that we have taken the decision to cancel the Malvern College Summer School 2021 programme.

We had been looking forward to delivering an exciting programme, filled with real life experiences that would provide pupils with the much needed alternative to the online learning that we have all faced for so long. Due to the continued uncertainties relating to the pandemic and the associated challenges around global travel however, we are unable to put on such an event. One of the cornerstones of the summer courses at Malvern College is the coming together of many nationalities to create a diverse and engaging community to learn, within the safe boundaries of our unique campus. On this occasion we saw no alternative that would provide the same experiences we consider to be the essence of our programmes.

Please be assured that while this years’ course will not happen, we aren’t discouraged by this setback. Instead we have already started to build the programme for 2022 which is intended to offer an even wider selection of learning experiences for both national and international pupils. Our preliminary programme is set to offer a full range of English language tuition, whether your children are looking to expand their vocabulary in an EAL setting, or refine their skills in anticipation of upcoming exams. We also expect to offer further workshops in line with the Malvern College ethos of readying children for a life after Malvern; including critical thinking, public speaking and STEM. Sports, creative sessions and wider activities will also be included for an inclusive programme that caters to a wide range of interests and needs.

Provisional dates for the Malvern College Summer School 2022 programme are Sunday 3rd July – 31st July 2022.

We will provide regular updates in the coming months and hope to see you again in July 2022.

Malvern College Summer School

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