Malvern College Summer School

Utilising our fantastic facilities and beautiful surroundings, Malvern College Summer School offers a first-class experience for all 8-16 year olds, who attend our courses.

“My children had a wonderful two weeks thanks to you and your professional staff. Thank you for everything” Rachel – (Parent, 2019)


Malvern College

For over 150 years Malvern has been revered as a school that defines a classical English education. A rich heritage of academic excellence is woven into the fabric of our architecture, where ideas can reach new heights, to be as expansive and inspiring as the views.

Take a walk through the grounds and you can feel the vibrations of a noble past, following the footsteps of CS Lewis, Francis William Aston, Edward B Titchener, James Meade, and Professor Chris Whitty, as well as famous personalities including the actor Denholm Elliot and broadcaster Jeremy Paxman.

But above all, Malvern is a home. A safe place where potential is discovered, where ambitions are realised and promises kept. Where pupils learn to become the best they can be, supported, nurtured and encouraged to explore and transform their future. As so many have done before them.



A welcome by the Headmaster

Welcome to Malvern College: one of England’s great independent schools.

Malvern College has a rich and distinguished history, yet we look to the future in seeking to develop outstanding young people with the skills, resilience and initiative to flourish in a rapidly changing global market place.

As well as the education of our day and boarding pupils during the school year, we also provide further educational courses during school holidays, through Malvern College Summer Schools.

The courses offered by Malvern College Summer Schools are all based on the same foundations we implement for our school activities – a strong academic focus, teamed with an enrichment programme that stimulates intellectual curiosity. Our programmes are developed to encompass not just classroom learning and workshops, but with regular activities to encourage the implementation of new-found skills in real-life scenarios.

I hope you find the information on this site informative and inspiring and we look forward very much to welcoming you and your family to Malvern College next summer.


Malvern College Qualities

The pillars of our community are the Malvern Qualities. These principles define a Malvernian pupil long after they have left school and will equip them for life’s challenges and successes. They underpin our approach to learning, living and working together. As an integral part of the Malvern College experience our summer courses  are strongly aligned with the values and beliefs the College stands for. The highest standards of pastoral care, dedicated Malvern College teaching staff and a program designed to provide a unique experience of a traditional yet forward-thinking British boarding school are what makes our course so unique.

  • Kindness
  • Resilience
  • Self-awareness
  • Open-mindedness
  • Independence
  • Humility
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Curiosity
  • Ambition
  • Risk-taking

Malvern Qualities

For more detail please visit The Malvern Qualities page on the Malvern College Website.

Malvern College Summer School

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