Malvern College Summer School

Utilising our fantastic facilities and beautiful surroundings, Malvern College Summer School offers a first-class experience for all who attend our courses.

Our aim is to provide courses which are a comprehensive blend of exciting experiences and first-class English tuition.

With a structured English language programme, students will also experience a wide variety of social, creative and sporting activities, as well as excursions.

Our courses are designed with a strong emphasis on developing our students’ learning skills. We tailor all our tuition to the individual needs of our students, with staff selected carefully to ensure a rigorous approach, consistent with the ethos of Malvern College. Whether we are delivering English lessons or tuition in other subjects or activities, we adopt the same emphasis on developing study skills and independent learning skills which will enable students to continue learning successfully once they return home. We take a holistic approach to the design of our courses, with our excursions and other activities designed to support the theme and aims of each course.

Through our approach to delivering the course, we also encourage the development of the “Malvern Qualities” in all our students – these are personal attributes such as collaboration, curiosity, independence and kindness which we believe to be essential tools for success in the 21st century. We also actively encourage students to foster a love of reading and books while they stay with us, away from the distraction of their mobile phones.

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