Our Staff

Many of our staff are full-time Malvern College staff, pupils or alumni, and all are carefully selected for their expertise and experience. All Summer School staff share a passion for delivering the best possible experience for the children attending our courses.

Sally Gosland Malvern College Summer School

Sally Godsland

Course Director

Graduating in English and Psychology and with a Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Sally joined Malvern College in 2004 to teach EAL and has also taught Religious Studies and Theory of Knowledge. Sally has held various positions at Malvern College, including Co-ordinator of Life Skills,  E-Safety and the Overseas Exchange Programme, Head of Remove, Head of Lower School Academic Studies and Head of Psychology. Sally has worked as a Course Director of Malvern College Summer School since 2011.

Sally Gosland Malvern College Summer School

English Tutors

All our teachers are native speakers,  have a recognised EAL qualification and a wealth of English Language teaching experience. Many of our tutors and staff currently teach at Malvern College.

Pastoral Staff

Our pastoral staff are passionate about the care and welfare of children and share the desire to deliver the best experience possible. Each team member employed by the Summer School is carefully selected and recruited for their expertise and experience.

Malvern College Summer School adheres to a rigours recruitment process, which ensures all staff have passed all relevant pre-employment checks.

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