Malvern & The Three Counties

Situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Malvern College campus resides in Great Malvern, a Victorian Spa town at the foot of the Malvern Hills. It is well known for its beauty, but is a place offering much more than just a landscape. On the border of the Three Counties, Malvern College is closely situated to a whole host of local attractions.

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The Malvern Hills

The Malvern Hills are one of the oldest geological features of the UK, dating back nearly 700 million years, with the highest point reaching 425m above sea level at the Worcestershire Beacon. Overlooking the town of Great Malvern, they form a stunning backdrop to the Malvern College campus. Much of this area is protected, achieving an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ designation due to its significant landscape value.


Local attractions

Aside from the enchanting scenery, Malvern is surrounded with plentiful attractions and amenities, from Eastnor Castle, to boat cruises along the River Severn. It also has an exceptional events calendar including the Royal Three Counties Show, and daily performances at Malvern Theatres. That said, there really is something for everyone with pupils will be able to enjoy the local area as part of their planned activities and excursions. Please see our timetable for further information on what this might include.


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