Residential English Language course with activities and excursions

The aim of our Young Explorers course is to instil a deep understanding of British culture through structured English lessons and excursions. We also encourage students to expand their of reading and books, with opportunities during the course to visit a wide range of bookshops and libraries.

This course is useful for children who plan on attending school in the United Kingdom.

“I woke up very early on Monday morning. Instead of picking up my mobile phone, as usual, I made a cup of tea and sat quietly in the garden reading the newspaper. I could hear the birds singing down by the river and I could see the Malvern Hills in the distance.
This was a very pleasant feeling which I hadn’t experienced for quite a long time, and all because I chose not to pick up my phone. It made me realise that reading a book or a newspaper in harmony with your natural environment is so important. If we don’t consciously keep some time away from our devices in our daily life, our profound aesthetic sense of what is around us will disappear just like plants and animals facing extinction. Everything will become a matter of seeking instant short-term gratification.
And our children, who grow up in a forest of electronic devices, may never know what nature really is. They may never know what a real childhood should be like, or even what real happiness or fulfilment.
It is with this kind of subconscious understanding that our summer school programme has been carefully designed to allow modern children to experience a genuinely fulfilling traditional childhood. All our teachers and staff fully subscribe to this mission to create an authentic childhood experience for all the children we look forward to welcoming to our courses next summer.”
Minnie Walker
Malvern College Summer School Course Manager
Date: 1st – 17th July 2020
Our 17 day professionally designed course develops everyday English language skills, as well as fun practical experiences.

This course includes

30 hours English tuition

8 full or half day excursions carefully designed for school-age children

2 days camping in the beautiful Brecon Beacons

Full day trip to Oxford University and Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour

Sport & Activity options including:

  • Science
  • Design Technology
  • Art
  • Rifle Shooting
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Climbing
  • Choir training
  • Bookfair
  • Steam train engineering workshop
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