Malvern College Summer School

Read our testimonials and reviews from parents and pupils who’ve attended our Summer School.

“We truly appreciate what you’ve done during the past couple months and want to send a BIG ‘thank you’ to the team” Emily –  (Parent, 2019)


“Well done to the team. It has been a mighty effort to keep all the children engaged and loving it. We’ve got our son back and he’s loved every minute of it” Gallvin – (Parent, 2019)


“It’s been a great journey for my daughter Emma and were so grateful to all the teachers who take care of the children. Emma says she had a great fun in the summer camp and it is the best one she has experienced” Weiping – (Parent, 2019)


“My children had a wonderful two weeks thanks to you and your professional staff. Thank you for everything” Rachel – (Parent, 2019)


“Salma is back home, full of joy and motivation. We are very grateful to all of you for what you’ve done to make our children enjoy their stay with you. Thanks once more” Fadila – (Parent, 2019)


“Aamina, Ayesha and Fatima are home and  have not stopped talking since. They made many friends and have many funny stories to tell. Thank you very much for all your hard work and kind attention” Lamees – (Parent, 2019)


“Thank you Minnie for your excellent organisation and care in looking after Renee. She thoroughly enjoyed herself so much, that she’s already making plans to go next year! We are very grateful to you and all the teachers in Malvern for making this summer school so fun and jam-packed with so many different activities and experiences for the children” Raymond – (Parent, 2019)


“Malvern College Summer School was a very exciting and wonderful journey full of great memories. Thanks to everyone who made this possible” Yzabel – (Parent, 2019)


“Nicholas had a really great time and he met so many new friends. He has so many stories to share with us” Audrey and Thomas – (Parents, 2019)


“Quentin and Jaden want to thank all teachers, staff and all the campers for such a lovely trip” Vicole – (Parent, 2019)


“This has been a fabulous trip and experience for Cyrus. We really appreciate all the efforts and care provided by all the teachers and staff. We do love to hear more about upcoming Malvern College Summer School news. Thanks again” Anna – (Parent, 2019)


Malvern College Summer School

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