Our courses run from 30th June to 11th August 2024 and students have the choice to stay from two to six weeks. The last start date is Sunday 28th July.

By choosing from our exciting modules, students will experience a wide variety of social, creative, and skill-based activities. The aim is to encourage students to develop not only their ability to read, write and speak English, but also their confidence, independence, self-awareness and life skills. Groups will be kept small, ensuring an unrivalled attention to the quality of teaching and learning, and a fun and unforgettable life experience for each attendee. Pupils can choose from five different modules depending on their interests, and these will form the majority of their timetables, with some additional evening and weekend activities all together. 

Pupils choose two modules out of the five per week, and can change these each week that they are with us, or keep them the same if they wish. 

Learn English

Our qualified EAL teachers will work with students whatever their level of English to improve and develop their writing, speaking and communication skills. Students who choose this module will be assessed on arrival and placed in sets depending on their ability. There is no minimum level of English required, and from complete beginner to C2 level, our staff will stretch, challenge and support all of our students. 

English lessons will be interactive and engaging, based around thematic topics that the students will enjoy, from Technology to World Culture. As a Quality English accredited school, we ensure that your child will receive the very best teaching. 

Outdoor Pursuits

This programme is designed for students who enjoy activity and the outdoors life, and who want to experience Britain’s geography and natural beauty whilst also physically challenging themselves a little. It will encourage leadership and team building skills, and possibly introduce pupils to an activity for life. 

From knot-tying with the Scouts, to Kayak Polo in our swimming pool, to taking on Aztec Adventures water assault course, these young explorers will have an exhilarating time! 

Performing Arts 

This programme is designed for students who have an interest in singing, acting, dancing and music. 

Our course is taught by experienced artists who are passionate about helping young people unlock their creative potential. Through a variety of engaging and interactive lessons, they will learn new techniques and gain a deeper understanding of the art forms they choose to focus on. Whether they want to learn how to perform, play an instrument, or express themself through movement, we will work with them to bring out their best. 

With a fully equipped Theatre, Music School and Dance Studio, our facilities will provide the perfect stage for your child. 

Creative Arts

This course is designed specifically for students who are interested in learning more about art and design. Throughout the course, you will be introduced to a variety of mediums and techniques, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and graphic design. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the creative process and help you develop your skills, no matter your current level of ability. 

Not only will you gain hands-on experience in a variety of art forms, but you will also learn about the history of art and design, and the impact it has had on society. Our course is designed to be both fun and informative, and we guarantee you will come away with a newfound appreciation for the world of art and design. 


This module is open to all young people who want to improve their athletic abilities, regardless of skill level. Our coaches are highly trained and experienced in a variety of sports, including football, tennis, hockey, basketball and athletics. They will work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and develop a personalised training plan to help you achieve your goals. 

Not only will you receive expert coaching, but you will also have the opportunity to meet other young athletes who share your passion for sports. You will build lasting friendships and develop a sense of camaraderie that will motivate you to work harder than ever before. 

Payment schedule

Our course fees are £1,645 per week.

Fee Due Date
Deposit £500 per week On Registration
Final Balance £1,145 per week No later than 6 weeks prior to the start date
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